Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Hope for HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy


What can HIE Cause?

The outcomes of children with HIE are wide-ranging - anywhere from unaffected through loss. No two children will be the same, even with a similar injury pattern. The impact of each child's injury is different based on multiple factors, including what parts of the brain were affected and how damaging the insult was to the brain, and how each child's brain moves forward from injury through neuroplasticity.










HIE and Cerebral palsy, HIE and dystonia, HIE and dyspraxia, HIE and dyskinesia, HIE and clonus, HIE and epilepsy, HIE and myoclonic seizures, HIE and infantile spasms, HIE and lennox-gastaut syndrome, HIE and ESES, HIE and electrical status epilepticus in sleep, HIE and chronic lung disease, HIE and dysautonomia, HIE and adrenal insufficiency, HIE and sensory processing disorder, HIE and autism, HIE and emotional regulation, HIE and cortical visual impairment, HIE and cvi, HIE and delayed visual maturation, HIE and strabismus, HIE and visual processing, HIE and sensorineural hearing loss, HIE and auditory processing, HIE and apraxia of speech, HIE and speech delay, HIE and dysphagia, HIE and laryngomalacia, HIE and vocal cord paralysis and prolapse, HIE and motility issues, HIE and Sandifer's syndrome, HIE and reflux, HIE and digestion, HIE and global developmental delay, HIE and secondary microcephaly, HIE and precocious puberty, HIE and failure to thrive, HIE and kidney dysfunction, HIE and kidney disease, HIE and neurogenic bladder, HIE and incontinence, HIE and cognitive delays, HIE and cognitive impairment, HIE and intellectual disabilities, HIE and ADHD, HIE and ADD, HIE and dyslexia, HIE and dysgraphia, HIE and dyscalculia, HIE and processing speed, HIE and time management challenges, HIE and social skills, HIE and inattention, HIE and focus.

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