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Warrior on Wheels

By Emily Combs


Life with HIE regularly takes its twists and turns.

And sometimes those happen to be literal twists and turns, cycling through Cape Town, South Africa in the world’s largest timed cycle race.

That’s the adventure that Nura Mohamed and her family went on just this spring.



Nura, who is 14 and has HIE, may not have gotten to experience the adrenaline, freedom, and joy of cycling if it hadn’t been for her determined family.

Nura’s mom, Razia, said the idea of cycling with Nura was always in the back of their minds, but it didn’t seem like it could become a reality until they heard about the Warrior on Wheels Foundation. The foundation provides opportunities for kids with different abilities to participate in a variety of adventurous sports and activities.

With the motto of “Hope, Courage, Adventure,” Warrior on Wheels has a heart for empowering and celebrating young people with disabilities. One of their adventures is a Cape Town Cycle Tour team made of up of kiddos, family members, and friends, buggies and bicycles.

This year, Nura and her family participated on a team with ten other bike-buggie cyclers, and thirty-two Warrior on Wheels riders completed the 109 km-long race! Razia described it as “an amazing Adventure filled with Hope.”

Hope and adventure are themes in Nura’s story and her family’s everyday life.

They also happen to be common themes of both Warrior on Wheels and Hope for HIE. Maybe that’s because hope and adventure simply can’t be separated from the twisty-turny road of life with HIE.

As Razia says, “Up, down or sideways the adventure is always filled with Hope.”

The universal experience of biking is a simple joy that Razia and her family were able to share because of a desire that was greater than the obstacles along the way.

The family’s cycling trip this year was just one of the countless ways that Nura has brought adventure and inspiration to her family.

“Nura has opened doors and opportunities for us we may never have known. She pushes us to address the world with courage, strength, and determination,” her mother said.

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