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Supporting our loss families

Today is HIE Remembrance Day, a day to remember and honor those lost to HIE.

Hope for HIE wanted to create a day dedicated to the little ones who lost their lives due to HIE and their families, and selected April 20 as that day. Today, we share stories of those children, reflect on their lives, and create a wave of light to show support to their families.

We support all families affected by HIE. We have created a list of ways you can support families too.


If you want to show your support to our loss families, here is what you can do:

  1. Use one of Hope for HIE's remembrance Facebook frames to show solidarity with our loss community. Full frame. Banner frame.
  2. Post to our WAVE OF LIGHT post with a photo of a candle you are lighting, where you are in the world and any message you have for our loss families
  3. Use the hashtags #hieremembrance, #hieremembranceday #hieloss in your social media posts
  4. Share posts of our loss families that we will be sharing to honor them, let people know that loss is one of the outcomes of HIE, and bring more awareness to our loss community
  5. Visit our online memorial that is open 24/7 at hopeforhie.org/hieremembrance
  6. If you are one of our loss families, share your story, write a blog post for our website, share a poem, share how you honor your child by contacting [email protected].
  7. Donate to Hope for HIE in honor of loss families, and help increase our support through care packages and memorial gifts.

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