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Remembering Eliana

Eliana Mae was born into this world at 6:38 pm on September 18th 2015. Despite all the odds against her she fought her way through 7 weeks in the NICU.

We were never given an official life expectancy lecture, what we were given instead were encouraging words of hope from her neurologist. He informed us that the brain is a magnificent organ, despite the severe trauma Eliana suffered, there was hope of neurological pathways to re-develop. "She will have disabilities, but to what extent don't know."

We spent the next 2 years battling new diagnoses, medications and surgeries. There were some very dark times but also some very bright ones too. But despite everything we faced, we faced it as a family, together. So, we kept pushing forward, no matter how much we got knocked down we always remembered that if Eliana was strong enough to fight, so were we. So we fought right along side her.


Just before Eliana turned 2 we found out she was going to have the greatest honor of becoming a big sister! Our sweet little Harper joined the family and brought with her the light and healing we all needed. Eliana loved being a big sister so much that she went an entire year hospital free. We would tease and tell her that we would have made her a big sister sooner had we known that's all it would take.

Harper learned how to help with CPT, treatments and medications (with mommy). Over the next year and a half Harper created her own special bond with Eliana. She would always find ways to "play" with her and make sure she was always included. We hope Harper always remembers how much she loved her sissy.

When we learned last August (2019) that Eliana's little brain was starting to battle itself, (neurological brainstorming) we were really unsure what that meant for her and for our family. It wasn't until a bizarre episode of a lower than normal heart rate that we brought her to the hospital for the last time. After spending a week speaking to her team of doctors we learned that Eliana's brainstorming was winning the battle we were fighting so hard against. Eliana was letting us know it was her time and that it was okay. At 8:36 pm on January 11, 2020 Eliana left this world for the greatest adventure there is. Being an angel. 

There has not been a single person whose life has not been made brighter just by simply knowing Eliana. She was a blessing in every form. She taught, inspired and blessed so many. Our lives have been made richer by her life. Her memory and her message continues to spread through the world. Her light shines the brightest of any light I have ever known. We will continue to spread hope through her name by the experiences and knowledge we gained from our time with Eliana. 

To our sweet hummingbird,

We know you are finally free from the restraints of this earth, and find comfort knowing you are finally made whole. We honor you today and everyday as this journey of hope continues. We love you sweet girl and know that we will be with you again. 

All our love,

Momma, Daddy and Harper

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