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Learning Disabilities, Attention & Behavioral Challenges in HIE

While epilepsy and cerebral palsy get far more attention as noted outcomes from HIE, the prevalence of learning, attention and behavioral challenges, especially for those who have experienced a more mild outcome from HIE, are a significant burden that need more attention and follow-up care. 

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. Hope for HIE is working with several clinicians and researchers, in different projects, and as a part of our Medical Advisory Board, to bring more awareness, education and support to the prevalence of these challenges for our population that may get early sign off by clinicians, but need more in-depth follow up and identification around school age (ages 5-8). In addition, many times learning difficulties can exacerbate behavioral challenges, and lead to the development of anxiety, depression and other conditions.

Like early intervention, early identification of learning, attention and behavioral challenges and disabilities is important for family, school and life success.

Researchers from the Infant Centre of Ireland are trailblazing with the development of apps that may be able to identify earlier cognitive challenges for the HIE community, such as the Babyscreen app.

One of the most valuable resources for families as they suspect a learning difference or disability in HIE is a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation around school age. The resulting neuropsychological report will give key insights to how a child learns best, what areas of strength and difficulties they are experiencing and therefore can provide helpful insight for not only the family, but the child's educational team.

There is hope with these differences and difficulties as well. Many children learn strategies to work around their differences and important skills such as self-advocacy, and there are many different accommodations that can be written into educational plans to help students adapt.

Learning, Attention & Behavioral Resources:

Key Research Reviews on the Prevalence of Learning, Attention & Behavioral Challenges from HIE:

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