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Keeping cool this summer

Summer is here, and as the temperatures rise, so do many parents’ concerns that their child will overheat.

So many of our kiddos struggle to regulate their temperature, so keeping cool is a key concern.

We asked our HIE parents what they use to keep their little ones cool during the heat of summer. In addition to cool foods for oral feeders and wetting down their hair, here were their go-to tricks and products:


Cooling towels -- families have lots of options in these little helpers that retain water to keep kids cool, without actually getting them wet. Some of our parents’ favorites include Enduracool and Frogg Toggs. Some moms really love the Enduracool towels, since they don’t get hard when they dry out.



Water play pad -- these are quickly becoming a popular item with our families, since they can allow kids to do water play and stay cool without actually getting wet!


Cooling Vests - these are particularly good for our kids who have challenges regulating their temperature. Polar Products has a whole line of cooling vests for toddlers, kids and teens, as well as adults.



Geleeo -- a cooling gel pad that can be placed inside a stroller seat that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.



Handheld fans -- battery-powered fans are small and portable, and some can be clipped to car seats and strollers to help bring some cool air on a hot day.



Spray bottle -- a small spray bottle, or even better, one with a fan, can bring a cooling mist that brings some quick relief in the heat.



Cool packs -- these little freezer items can stay cold for long periods of time and can quickly cool our kiddos down.



Frozen washcloth -- this is an oldie, but a goodie. Take a wet washcloth and put it in the freezer and then lay it on the back of your child’s neck or place it on their head for a quick cooldown.


Have other ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

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