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HIE Awareness Month

Welcome to 2020 HIE Awareness Month!

Our global campaign is designed to be used locally everywhere in the world.

The CHOOSE HOPE campaign has many different tools that can be downloaded and customized.  We have provided photography and artwork, but you can use your own photographs as well. Once you have created the tool you want, you can have it easily printed or shared on social media.

We have three important requests:

  1. Please make sure your customization does not change the theme, the design or the intention of each tool. It is extremely important that our campaign looks the same, so each local action can add up to have a global impact.
  2. Please take a photograph of yourself showing what HOPE looks like and post it with your story, so we can share it with the rest of the HIE community on our Facebook page, through Instagram, or on Twitter. Make sure it's a public post and please use the hashtag of #ChooseHope and #HIEAwareness. 
  3. Offer your suggestion for how to improve each tool, and tell us your ideas for new tools that could help our campaign.

HIE Remembrance Day is April 20th. This is an annual remembrance where we honor, remember and mourn our HIE children who have been lost to HIE. We ask for your support and help recognize these families.

  1. Use one of Hope for HIE's remembrance Facebook frames to show solidarity with our loss community (see below)
  2. Post to our WAVE OF LIGHT post that we will start on April 20th with a photo of a candle you are lighting, where you are in the world and any message you have for our loss families
  3. Use the hashtags #hieremembrance, #hieremembranceday #hieloss in your social media posts
  4. Share posts of our loss families that we will be sharing to honor them, let people know that loss is one of the outcomes of HIE, and bring more awareness to our loss community
  5. Visit our online memorial that is open 24/7 at hopeforhie.org/hieremembrance
  6. If you are one of our loss families, share your story, write a blog post for our website, share a poem, share how you honor your child by contacting [email protected].

Social Media Tools:

Facebook cover photos - Right click to save as, or hover and save.

Facebook Frames:

Show what HOPE looks like by using our HIE Awareness 2020 Frames. Snap a picture and use the frame showing what HOPE looks like to you and your family! Use the hashtag #ChooseHope so we can find it!

Profile Picture Frames:

Choose Hope:

I Choose Hope in April

Ask Me About HIE

HIE Remembrance:

HIE Remembrance Full Frame

HIE Remembrance Banner Frame



Fact Photos:

We have an entire album on Facebook that you can download and share. Click here to access.

Press Release, FAQs & Talking Points:

Press release


Talking Points

Awareness Merchandise:

Adult & Kid Apparel

Other Assorted HIE Awareness Month Items

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Check out our Printable Resources section for other useful tools.



















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