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Her First Set of Wheels

Her first set of wheels!

Emersyn has been so excited about getting her wheelchair, she has been telling anyone and everyone within ear shot.

The truth is we all have ideas about "disability" and what it means to be "disabled." What are your first thoughts when you see a person in a wheelchair? What about when that person is a spunky 3 year old? Many people are fixated on milestones and the thought of their child not being "typical" can be very challenging. I see it over and over again in our HIE community. What if my child can't walk? What if (gasp) they end up in a wheelchair?



Well I'm here to show you that there is so much beauty and joy to be experienced, even if your path is not the typical one. Where many of us have been conditioned to think of something like wheelchair use as a worse case scenario, one conjuring feelings of pity and sadness, I want you to see the flip side. Wheelchairs bring independence, freedom, and accessibility to experiences that might not otherwise be possible.

There is no arguing with reality. Take a good look. This is the face of pride, joy, independence, and accomplishment. Emersyn is a bright and charismatic girl who happens to have a physical disability. It doesn't define her, nor does it define anyone else who uses mobility aids or who is living life outside the "typical" path. Diversity is what makes life interesting.

I couldn't be prouder of my strong, resilient, independent, smart, kind-hearted kiddo!


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