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Giving back to our families

Through Hope for HIE, families impacted by HIE receive support through online groups, in-person meetups and gifts to families who have suffered a loss, are going through a long hospital stay or starting their HIE journey.


But, after the recent successful holiday campaign, we wanted to do even more for our families.


So Hope for HIE dedicated some of the money raised to a giveaway for our families, ranging from Hope for HIE merchandise, to a paid trip to our annual retreat, to a parents night out.

The goal was to give back to our community in a new way, and the response from our families was incredible!


Here is some feedback from the families who won:


Jessica Yarbrough, won Hope for HIE merchandise.

“The HIE community is a club I never knew existed until 3 months ago, and had I known, I would never have asked to sign up to be a member. But since Carter was born and made me a part of it, my life has become so much richer!”




Jessica with her Hope for HIE swag!



Kristin Bruski, won a Scooot, an adaptive piece of equipment from Firefly

“The scooot was an idea we had been visiting for quite sometime now. Unfortunately, due to its cost, we were uncertain of when or even if we would be able to get it. This gift now gives us the opportunity to provide Mason with a step towards independence. Something all HIE families strive for. We are very grateful to the Hope For HIE  community for providing countless opportunities like this one to so many deserving families. I take comfort in knowing that no matter how difficult the times may get we are not alone. We are ALL in this together!”



Mason testing out his Scooot!



Lynn Rae, won a paid registration to the annual retreat

“I'm so grateful to win the registration for this Midwest retreat! It gave me the push I needed to sign up. Sometimes we get top busy and wrapped up in a life of therapy, appointments, insurance, paperwork, and fighting for everything for our kids that we don't stop to make sure we have fun and relax, too. Winning made me commit to taking time for me and reconnecting with these amazing mamas again!”



Lynn (middle) at the 2015 retreat in Tennessee!



Hawkfeather Peterson, won a copy of “What I Would Tell You” by fellow HIE mom Julie Keon


“Winning anything is fun, but in this case the prize carries greater value than just a wonderful gift. Winning felt like concrete, validating support from the HIE community. To my family, it means everything that we are not alone in this journey. I haven't read the book yet, still, It helps me to know an HIE momma was able and moved to put this experience into words. I believe it will give me hope and confidence!”




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