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HIE Support & Connection

Connect with us in a variety of ways!

We welcome all HIE families, caregivers and medical professionals:

Hope for HIE has an extensive, worldwide support based on Facebook, and promote gathering people together in person to fully realize the benefits of connecting through a HIE diagnosis.

Follow our public foundation page by clicking here


Facebook Support Groups 

We have a wide array of topic-based and geographical support groups found on Facebook. Upon requesting, you will be sent a few questions to be verified before adding you into our network. All questions need to be answered before you will be granted entry.

A complete list of all of our groups can be found by clicking here

If you are a legal parent or guardian of a child with HIE, click here to request our main parent forum.

If you are new to the journey, consider joining Hope for HIE - New to HIE. Our New to HIE group has designated administrators and moderators who come with years of experience and are standing by to support the unique needs of our new families who find us.

If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle or other extended family member, consider joining Hope for HIE - Extended Family Support.


Annual Retreats and Meet Ups


Hope for HIE encourages families to connect offline. To foster these connections, we host annual regional meet up retreats and biannual conference retreats in the US. Many of our families have planned family meet ups as well. 

We also offer assistance to help start retreats all over the globe, and use the resources of our foundation to ensure more families can connect.

Click here to learn more.

Need additional information or support? Contact us by sending an email and one of our board of directors will reach out.

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