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Being in the moment

Three years into her journey with HIE, one mother took a moment to reflect on how far her family has come.


Jen Greenway gave birth to her baby girl and immediately started on the roller coaster of HIE.


Jenessa Hope was not breathing, and had to be resuscitated. Her parent watched helplessly as doctors worked to help their baby girl and then tearfully said goodbye as she was sent to the NICU at another hospital.


“We honestly had no clue what had happened, just didn't understand how this could be,” Jen said.



When Jenessa arrived, she had to have a blood transfusion and then went through 72 hours of cooling. And then when she was being rewarmed, Jenessa began having seizures.


Jen had to stay at another hospital, while she was recovering, and struggled to be away from her baby. When daddy went to see Jenessa, they would talk on video calls. Seeing all the tubes and wires on her baby girl was heartbreaking, Jen said.


When Jen was released, she was able to go to the hospital where Jenessa was, and nearly a week later was finally able to hold her baby girl.


“I waited for that moment all my life! My heart was finally happy and beating again. The most wonderful experience a mother could ever feel,” Jen said.


After 14 days in the NICU, Jenessa was finally able to go home.


“Our family was finally complete. We didn't know your outcome and future. From what the doctors told us, it didn't look so promising, and til this very day we still don't know,” Jen said.


“What we do know is you are an amazing fighter, you are a strong little miracle that overcame so much.”


Jen found Hope for HIE, and was able to connect with other families on the same journey.


“After finding Hope for HIE, I knew I wasn't alone anymore, I could find other families that could relate to my story,” she said.


Now, she strives to focus on being in the moment with her daughter, celebrating inchstones and living day by day, she said.


“Unfortunately I can't change the past, the trauma at birth, but I can choose to move forward and continue to try to always do what's best for my daughter,” Jen said.


“If you continue to worry about tomorrow, you will never enjoy your gift today.”



  • Jen M. Greenway
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    Thank you for sharing our story❤
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